Peace Synthesizer Framework  0.03
Cross Platform Scriptable Real-Time Visualization & Sound !!
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNglOpenGL Enum
oNpeaceaudioAuther: Peacedeveloper
|\CwavetypeStatic Class for wave type enumuration
oNpeaceaudiolibAuther: Peacedeveloper This Class is for internal use
|oCpeaceNESTrackNintendo system [Famicom] - like sound Emulation for 8-bits style chiptune music
oNpeaceaudiolib_baseAuther: Peacedeveloper This Class is for internal use
|\CpeaceaudioTrackAudio Track Prototype Sadly the internal framework do not support fully inheritance
oNpeacevisualAuther: Peacedeveloper
\NpostEffectAuther: Peacedeveloper This module for Post process DSP
 oCEffectThis class for process DSP using in-time script
 \CEffectPlugThis class for load "Peace Effect" plugin compiled from c, c++ for apply to the system